Manufacturing System Manufacturing System

Sales Team
Duties Sales Strategy Development : Analyzing current conditions and customer needs in the semiconductor market, etc. and establishing long-term sales strategies for the direction of short-term sales plans Customer Responsiveness & Sales : Product marketing, promotion, and price negotiation for sales based on the trust built up through consistent customer relationships Post Management : Constant attention to customer needs and rapid problem-solving through open communication
Related Majors N/A (Science majors preferred)
Required Capabilities A commitment to assertive action based on a business mind Abilities to embrace internal and external feedback from related divisions for effective coordination and persuasion Communication and negotiation skills to maintain good relationships with customers, related/same industry sectors, and agents Foreign language skills for overseas sales
Development Team 1
Duties Fundamental research and R&D for new product development Finding a direction for problem-solving and improvement based on experiments and analyses
Related Majors Science & engineering (metal/material engineering, new material engineering, inorganic material engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering)
Required Capabilities Advanced level of computer proficiency (Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) Excellent comprehensive analysis and problem-solving abilities Experience with carrying out projects Ability to speak a 2nd language is preferred
Development Team 2
Duties Developing semiconductor CMP CVD pad conditioners and responding to customer feedback
Related Majors Material engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities Experience in CVD deposition, experiment planning ability documentary searching and understanding abilities (papers, patents, etc.) expertise and experience of device analysis principles, analysis reporting ability
Development Team 3
Duties Developing new technologies for the future growth of the company. Development, research, and process improvement for development of new back grinding wheel products. Product analysis and property testing
Related Majors Advanced materials engineering, material engineering, ceramic engineering, inorganic material engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities Proficiency with diamond tools Proficiency with back grinding wheel principles and production Background understanding of glass Analytical ability for process and quality improvement
Development Team 4
Duties Developing new technologies for the future growth of the company R&D for new product development/application and quality improvement; product design development in reflection of customers' demands
Related Majors Mechanical engineering, material/element-related departments, physical/chemical engineering/polymer engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities A thirst for challenge and a yearning to retain the highest levels of ability and expertise in the field Focusing on the organization and duties with diligence and honesty Teamwork and cooperation
Development Team 5
Duties Developing new technologies for the future growth of the company R&D for diamond plated tool products for glass processing in the areas of LCDs, LEDs, sapphires, and mobile phones
Related Majors Material engineering, mechanical engineering, advanced materials engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities Analytic skills for product development, creativity for problem-solving, and excellent work performance Understanding of material properties and drawing analysis ability Constant innovation with creativity, and professionalism in pursuit of achieving goals
Production Team
Duties General management for planning, organizing, controlling, and facilitating production activities. Specifically, establishing production/purchase plans, inventory/delivery management, and production process management
Related Majors Science & engineering (industrial engineering, electronic/material engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc.)
Required Capabilities Ability to understand products and production processes based on expertise of industrial engineering, materials, science & engineering subjects Trouble-shooting ability Personal relationships for communication with manufacturing workforce and leadership
QA Team
Duties Quality Management : ISO quality certification, post management, standard management, internal inspection, overall management of customer auditing, etc. Quality Assurance : Product reliability assurance and statistical process control (SPC) Quality Management : Process improvement, quality management of partners' products, MSA, and quality management/cost-saving activities
Related Majors Industrial engineering, advanced materials engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities Proficiency with word processing programs (Microsoft Office, etc.); Strong statistical analysis ability is preferred (Industrial Quality Management, Engineer Quality Management, 6 Sigma Belt holder, Mini tab user); Experience with Quality Management Systems (ISO/TS16949, etc.); Fluency in English is preferred
Facility Team
Duties Trouble-shooting and preventing of plant production facility/equipment breakdowns; constant maintenance and improvement work for smooth operation of production facilities In addition, various types of electric/environmental/firefighting/building management within the plant
Related Majors Mechanical engineering, electric/automation engineering, etc.
Required Capabilities Understanding of PLC; Service mindset for internal customers; community spirit
Management Team
Duties HR/General Affairs : General management of company affairs by making and implementing various policies; strengthening the corporate capabilities through personnel recruitment, training, evaluation, and compensation. Management of all corporate resources for normal and efficient use Accounting/taxation : Accounting affairs include maintaining records of a large number of economic activities that take place in the process of business activities and providing decision-makers with useful information. Settlement of accounts, financial statements, external account auditing and inspection, banking management, financing, etc. Taxation work includes constant review and management of the compliance with tax law and taxation policies in handling business affairs. Taxation-related reporting and payment management
Related Majors HR/General Affairs : N/A Accounting/taxation : Accounting/Taxation: Commerce majors (accounting, economics, business administration, etc.)
Required Capabilities HR/General Affairs : Understanding of the Labor Standards Act / Communication skills to bridge the management and employees; / Equipped with a sense of duty, responsibility, and leadership Accounting/taxation : Proficiency in accounting and taxation; / Reliability, carefulness, interpersonal competency for cooperation with other divisions